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Graceland Meadows Corp.

Graceland Meadows is an animal rescue and sanctuary dedicated to saving as many lives as we can, and providing the best possible environment and care, so that all of our animals and human helpers live their best lives.

Graceland Meadows is a no-kill animal rescue and sanctuary. We euthanize only for terminal illness and/or irreversible suffering.

What We Do

  • Rescue animals who are abandoned, injured, and victims of torture, cruelty, and abuse
  • Rehabilitate unwell animals
  • Rehome pets and domesticated animals, and release wildlife
  • Refuge animals who we cannot rehome
  • Restore a safe, clean, green space where our animals and people live in harmony
  • Refresh a twinkle in the eye and pep in the step
Contact Name
Sharlene Ratcliff
176 Pines Bridge Rd. Ossining, NY