Green Home Solutions of Upper Westchester

Owned and operated by longtime Westchester residents, Green Home Solutions of Upper Westchester is a New York State licensed mold remediation company with a variety of natural products and services that promote healthy indoor home and commercial environments.

Our first goal is to put our clients’ minds at ease. When confronted methodically and responsibly, mold is an unpleasant, but very manageable problem.

We adhere to the rigorous remediation standards of New York State, the IICRC and other advisory bodies, and are dedicated to solving indoor environmental issues with safe, eco-friendly methods and products. We treat mold, odors and allergens in a natural green way -- usually quicker and more affordably than our competitors. In addition, our results are guaranteed, and confirmed by independent third party testing.


Contact Name
Stephen Hersh
Green Home Solutions
P.O. Box 582
Ossining, NY