River Towns Music Group

River Towns Music Group produces well-organized events and festivals, and helps others do the same.

RTMG produces events for villages, chambers of commerce, non-profits, corporations and individuals. RMTG is the brainchild of media mogul Alain Begun and live music fanatic Liz Goodyear. In February of 2022, Liz and Alain officially combined forces to form River Towns Music Group (RTMG), with the aim of bringing the best events to their neck of the woods.

Their mission is to create an event promotion and production company that would bring more high-caliber, original live music and well-organized, unforgettable events to Westchester's River Towns.

Alain Begun is the owner and publisher of River Towns Media properties, which include River Journal, River Journal North and Rivertown Magazine. His publications reach virtually every household between Irvington and Peekskill, on this side of the river, and serve Rockland County across the Hudson.

Liz Goodyear cut her teeth in marketing, both on the brand and agency side, working for firms in Manhattan. She then segued into video production, becoming the Director of Branded Content for Allied International Marketing. Her video credits include producing a festival-winning feature documentary, a travel series for Mercedes Benz smart car, a 9-market campaign for Cigna, as well as content for the BBC, ABC, Discovery, Own, and Warner Brothers Music. Liz's heart was always in music, and she knew it's where she'd end up. Nowadays she loves producing events, content and even children! (She has four of.)

RTMG handles budgets, production plans, permitting, staffing and all elements of coordination. They can source gear and crew. They can secure sponsors and create all collateral to help do so. RTMG can create multi-platform marketing plans to increase ticket sales and/or attendance. They can do everything for their clients to create a turnkey event, or can step in to fill any holes.

At the end of the day, RTMG's job is to make their clients look like Rockstar's --- minus the green M&M's.

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LIz Goodyear
109 Grand St