COVID-19 Updates – Greater Ossining Chamber of Commerce

Throughout these trying times, the following Greater Ossining Area Businesses are available for online orders, delivery, pickup, and virtual sessions. Please do your best to SHOP, EAT, BUY, and PATRONIZE LOCAL. Our local economy depends on it! Please be safe and stay healthy.

LOCAL Eateries & Food Establishments

Aji Limo Street, Ossining
The Tasty Tablehttps://www.thetastytable.comCampwoods Road, Ossining
C-Town Ave, Ossining
Sweets by Carihttps://www.sweetsbycari.comOssining
Cravin’ Jamaican Street, Ossining
Melikehttps://www.melikeossining.comMain Street, Ossining
Good Choice Kitchenhttps://www.goodchoicekitchen.comMain Street, Ossining
Las Americashttps://www.lasamericasny.comCroton Ave, Ossining
Brothers Fish ‘n Chips Highland Ave, Ossining
The Briarshttps://www.thebriarsrestaurant.comN. State Road, Briarcliff
Maya Rivierahttps://www.mayarivierabar.comN.State Road, Briarcliff
Terra Rusticahttps://www.terrarusticaristorante.comN. State Road, Briarcliff
Ossining Pizza Ave, Ossining
Sing Sing Kill Breweryhttps://www.singsingkillbrewery.comSpring Street, Ossining
DD’s Dinerhttps://www.ddsdiner.comN.Highland Ave, Ossining
Monas Coffee Househttps://www.monascoffeehouse.comN. Highland Ave, Ossining
Lucy’s Pizzahttps://www.lucyspizza.comN.Highland Ave, Ossining
Westchester Stationary(914) 941-1185Main Street, Ossining
Bagel Cafe Highland Ave, Briarcliff Manor
Texas Fried Chicken & Gyro(914) 432-7952N Highland Ave, Ossining
Docas St #1, Ossining
3 Westerly Bar & Grill Rd, Ossining
La Gladys Restaurant III(914) 432-7493Croton Ave, Ossining
Thai Dishes Rd, Briarcliff
Tabasco Mexican Grill & Deli S Highland Ave, Ossining

List will be updated…Service & Brick-n-Mortar businesses coming soon…