Roundabout – Letter to Ossining Residents

Wednesday night, I was truly appalled by a “community meeting” in which Ossining Mayor Victoria Gearity and her Village Board (“OVB”) discussed a proposed Downtown Redevelopment Working Committee “(DRWC”), the membership of which the OVB will handpick.

Composition notwithstanding, the work of the DRWC is to issue a report in late July to propose how the downtown Ossining Historical District (“OHD”) is to be redeveloped.  

Meanwhile, the ongoing plan calls for the bulldozers to be run to destroy the historic five-corner intersection (at Spring Street and Main Street) in the OHD in favor of a roundabout – which in itself would limit the scope of the DRWC’s options.

A show of hands of the roughly 75 people in the room showed that some 90% opposed construction of a roundabout (consistent with virtually every assessment of public will of the people of Ossining I have seen).

I spoke with Ossining Mayor Victoria Gearity following that “community meeting” and again (as I had in public session) pointed out that there is no reason not to pull the proposed roundabout until at least the DRWC had done its work, and that she should otherwise place it on the November ballot.

The Mayor responded, “I already know how the people will vote.” She continued, I am in favor of a roundabout and know the citizens of Ossining would vote against it, but am assured that every place a roundabout has been installed, the people eventually love it.

“I already know how the people will vote.” So I’d rather not allow them to do so. With all due respect Madam Mayor, that’s called “Oligarchy”; and I for one do not intend that to stand – nor should anyone who believes in a Democracy.

Steven Felsenfeld

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  1. Kaja gam April 9, 2017 at 10:29 pm #

    My hat off to you Steve

  2. Robert Little April 11, 2017 at 12:38 am #

    She is right. Most of American citizens detested the country’s entrance into World War II. After it was over we all knew people such as
    Charles Lindbergh, Henry Ford and the other isolationists were wrong. The Mayor is leading with her conscious knowledge and her sense of leadership. Elections have their consequences and you elected her to lead. Let the woman lead, vote her out when her term expires…but for now she drives the People’s government and you do not!

  3. Scott Batson April 12, 2017 at 1:25 pm #

    Ask a Doctor about your misfiring car engine? Get the plumber’s advice about your heart murmur?

    You may not like the advice of professionals regarding your personal choices, and that is fine, since how you choose to live is up to you. But when the decision in regards to a public space, one which many more than those that vote will need to use, the recommendations of professionals that have studied such things should be weighted much greater than ‘common sense’.

    You recall what Mark Twain said about common sense…

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